Entities that can create explanatory knowledge.

People don't necessary need to be human. The term also encompasses creative aliens and in the future, artificial general intelligence.

People are a form of a Universal Explainers and Universal Constructor.

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Knowledge Creation

There are only two known sources of knowledge creation: Biological Evolution and the thoughts of People. They have some key differences. In the case of human knowledge, the variation is by Conjecture, and the selection is by Criticism and experiment. In the biosphere, the variation consists of mutations (random changes) in genes, and natural selection favors the variants that most improve the ability of their organisms to reproduce, thus causing those variant genes to spread through the population.


An entity that can create explanatory knowledge. A person is a form of a Universal Explainers.

Principle of Mediocrity

The misconception that there is nothing significant about humans (cosmically speaking) and anything claiming the opposite (e.g. sun revolves around the earth) is wrong. While this philosophy has been a useful rule of thumb to refute Anthropocentric explanations of the universe it is ultimately wrong because humans are Knowledge creating People (thus have infinite potential).

Spaceship Earth

The misconception that the earth is a unique biosphere that humans are limited to, and that nature readily presents us with all our needs (food, shelter, water, etc). In reality earth never had our priorities in mind. Since the earliest times we had to create technology to survive. Even today, without such technology, we would only survive a few hours in say Oxford's winter.

Universal Explainers

The only uniquely significant thing about humans vs other animals is our ability to create new explanations. We are universal explainers. In other words there is no problem that cannot, with sufficient Knowledge, be explained by a human.