Everything humans have created is a form of technology. This ranges from laptops, to shirts, to windows.

Once technology is created the use of it can be automated. For example, you don't have to think about your shirt every morning for it to keep you warm.

This automation extends all the way to extremely complex technologies like keeping the vacuum out of space-stations. Set it and forget it.

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Problems are inevitable because the search for Good Explanations will create new problems and our Knowledge will always be incomplete. Some problems are hard, but it is a mistake to confuse hard problems with problems that can't be solved.

Spaceship Earth

The misconception that the earth is a unique biosphere that humans are limited to, and that nature readily presents us with all our needs (food, shelter, water, etc). In reality earth never had our priorities in mind. Since the earliest times we had to create technology to survive. Even today, without such technology, we would only survive a few hours in say Oxford's winter.